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Newest Visual Art: Touch

touch collage 06-2022 final2_edited.jpg

Explore the symbolism of this 70-element analog collage.

Listen to The Matchbooks 

the matchbooks autumn for wix.jpg

The Matchbooks is the result of years of friendship. Musician Chris Grzan is one of my oldest friends, but we only started playing music together in the summer of 2021. We have a handful of original songs, four of which you can find on Spotify, and a full 4 hours of covers and jazz standards. Book us for your next private event! 


Lyrics & Vocals: Cassandra Pereira

Guitar & Percussion: Chris Grzan

Trumpet: Stef LeoGrand

Engineering: Rafael Villazón

Online Exhibition:

Cassandra Pereira's Museum of Me gallery

NOW OPEN: "Museum of Me" is a series of interactive art galleries I designed to showcase some of my favorite earlier works in visual and language art.

Click the objects inside each gallery to "step-in" and view these works close-up.


Previous Exhibition: 

face paint eyes.jpg
jewish man.jpg
X eyes 11.jpg

"Windows to the Oneness" uses collage to juxtapose the truism "the eyes are the windows to the soul," with the mystic conviction that an inseparable oneness unifies all people, all matter, all consciousness.

Cut & Paste: Zen is a book of literary and visual collage. This 20-page work dismantles and distills to its core points the text of a speech given by Zen master D.T. Suzuki. Excerpts illustrated with collages of flower-headed human figures. 

A second book in the Cut & Paste Philosophy series is forthcoming, late 2022.

Cut & Paste Philosophy Books.png

Cut & Paste Philosophy Books:

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