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Story Branding with Donald Miller on

The Action Catalyst Podcast (ep. 215) 

"The greatest story commandment is: Make me care."

  • 7 plotpoints occur in every story 

    • 99% of stories follow the exact same narrative arc​

  • There is an order in which a story will unfold, and if you disobey the rules of that order you will lose that audience 

    • Story is a language that human beings speak ​

      • Most companies don't know how to speak it ​

  • Story: A hero faces a villain that causes them external and internal (philosophical) problems. They are in search of a guide who can help them overcome their conflict and experience a happy ending instead of a tragic ending 

    • hardwired into our brain ​

  • Marketing Mistakes

    • Companies assume clients are going to give us time to understand who we are/what we offer/etc..... and they're not. ​

      • Customer spends 4 seconds ​on your website; drives by billboard at 85mph

      • You have to communicate very clearly why they should stop, and pay attention. 

        • It's not about "our story" - it's about their story and our role in it

          • Our role is "the guide." ​

            • Invite them into a story ​

  • Identifying villains gets attention 

    • Talking about problems gets attention ​

  • Narrative clarity 

    • Who is the customer? ​

    • What is their problem? 

    • How is it making them feel? 

    • Why is that just plain wrong? 

    • What makes us qualified to get them out of this problem? 

  • Communicate a customer-centric message. 

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