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Nerdwriter: What is the Treachery of Images? (Magritte) 

  • We don't really know things but only access their shadow through language, in which everything has a meaning in the context of the system

  • We go about our days confident that everything we see can be said, and that the images we say can be seen.

    • If you've ever used the phrase "You had to be there" you know that these are two realities that do no overlap in the way we act like they do...

Nerdwriter: A Serious Man: Can Life Be Understood?

  • Film about a character who looks for a way to interpret his suffering rather than accepting it

  • The film questions the persuasiveness of every interpretative device by placing them side by side and showing how they fail to work together 

  • Interpretation is how we nail down the world around us; how to secure the storm of the world around us onto fixed points.

    • When these come undone it becomes traumatic, we reach for anything that can orient us, explains the appeal of religion... 

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