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 to what you hold on 

 to what you let go 

This is another piece that asks you to please spend time with it to really hear what it's saying. The title should serve you as a point of departure for exploration. 


I unpack the story and inspirations that contributed
to the creation of this piece on this page here

The 6 sentences are pieced together from chapter subheadings from the bio+physiology textbook titled, "What is Life?" by Jay Phelan.   

The individual words are from a book of poetry titled, "The Gift" by Gordon & Gladys DePree (1977). 

Silence is in the center of all this language, floating in reflection (mirror.)  

September 2017

St. Louis, USA

(Bonus: Recommended.)

self-portrait with mirrors

It's not a case of magic.

It's a simple fact. 

What I see, and hear, and speak,

I become. 

- G&G DePree 

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