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 Fire Safety 

Created in April, 2017. 

Old evacuation map found in the back of frame found at Good Will. Collaged tiny pieces of galaxies exploding, fires sweeping across the earth, rolling clouds, volcanoes, crashing waves, sunny grasses and flowers. Lines remixed from another Good Will find: A book titled "Zen Sex" (author Sudo, available on Amazon).


The arrangement is meant to be read in no particular order, but for the fun of assembling a poem from them I would structure them thus:


FIRE SAFETY (is your desire?) EVACUATION PLAN (To be loved) The important thing is to identify it and admit to it.

IN CASE OF FIRE-- Fire is the master FIRE ALARM PULL BOX (trapped) YOU ARE HERE (safe, but not where you want to be.) Desires never fully extinguish

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