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Larry King's Interviewing Tips

Larry King is an American television and radio host, whose work has been recognized with awards including two Peabodys and 10 Cable ACE Awards. He has been interviewing people for 57+ years. 

  • Leave yourself out of it. 

    • "I never use the word I" ​

  • Asked short questions

  • Listen to the answers

    • Listening is as important as what you ask, because you've got to follow up​

      • You've got to listen because you've got to follow-up with good questions​

  • Stay on top of things

  • Put guests at ease

  • Be curious 

    • Should be an intrinsic trait of the interviewer ​

      • A "why-person"​​

  • You want the guest to be good.

    • ​"If you see more times the host is on camera, it's a bad show to me."

  • The basic thing in an interview is: What do you want? You want to learn something. 

    • The best way to learn something is to take a step back, stay calm, ask good questions.

  • Let the guest finish their thoughts and stories. ​

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