Life Giver 

The Life Giver Tree Frame is an art piece that emerged through me while on a simple mission to frame the featured drawing, a gift from its artist, Rainier Pereira. 

It wasn't until its completion that I saw a depth of meaning in the work, and this meaning I wish to share with you here: 

So: The dead tree is drawn in pencil, which is made from trees. It's drawn on paper, which is made from trees. It's inside a wooden frame; Wood is made from trees. Yet a majestic forest of green explodes from between the paper and the frame.


It represents the life that nature gives to us; the life we take to make our human things. It is the unfathomable generosity of immortality.

* * *

The tree pictured rests with the Bosques de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Rainier and I sat on March 11, 2018 and each drew the crazy-looking dead tree we sat beneath. My drawing in the image gallery at right. 

The frame was collaged and crafted in St. Louis in April, 2018. 

Bosques de Palermo, AR