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December 23, 2017

Hola An. & Ke,


I am having a wonderful time in Córdoba with my old friend and my many new friends :) Last night we went to a hotel where there was a pianist--a spectacularly talented pianist--and soon enough we were all playing and singing together. Thursday there will be a jam that everyone is excited for me to join, especially me! (I will send some video!) 


I share that with you because I think it's an important and wonderful message that when you become fluent in the language of music, you can travel anywhere in the world and when you meet other musicians you make friends and find fun instantly! 


Nuria, my friend here, is a professional music teacher, (a much better pianist than me,) and we have been talking about teaching and playing of course. We also take one hour everyday for a Spanish lesson for me, and another hour an English lesson to her. (The rest of the time we both speak both languages poorly.) Yesterday we worked on the following translation: 


A los chicos que yo les enseño les explicó que es más importante tocar fluidamente equivocandose que tocar perfectamente. Porque definitivamente te vas a equivocar, pero podes disfrazarlo y que nadie se de cuenta solo vos. 


The English is: "I teach the boys I teach that making mistakes fluidly is more important than playing perfectly. Because you will definitely make mistakes, but you can disguise them so that no one knows but you." 


This is really one of the best things that music (and dancing) as art can teach us about life: Grace. I have drilled itto in pretty much every lesson I've had with Al., and he even shared with me that at the student showcase other kids would make mistakes and stop, but he would keep playing, and I felt so proud of him. 


Anyway, as you know I gave the boys some blindfolds so they can develop their listening skills. As with above, the kind of skill that can be developed with music but applied to so many parts of life!  (Ideal is with a blindfold in the car where -- no movement or visual distraction only listening.) I spoke with An. and Pa. about sharing playlists through the Spotify app -- there are specific songs I want to introduce to them, and will send little explanations why and what specifically to "listen out" (like "look out") for within each. 


Please let me know when you get an account so we can proceed! 


Warmest wishes, 

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