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Museum of Me

A Virtual Exhibition

permanent collection

Established September 8, 2020


This series of digital art galleries showcases selections of visual and language art.

This virtual exhibition is best viewed on (and exclusively for) a computer. Click each work of art to "go in" and take a closer look!


If viewing on mobile, please see Instagram where each gallery is a 3-post triptych. (The page you are currently on has been disabled for mobile.)

Cassandra Pereira's Museum of Me gallery digital museum collage art self expression

The Entrance Hall


The Love Gallery


The Playroom

B&W gallery full with edits.png

Sub Rosa Black & White Gallery


The rose has always held deep significance as a symbol of the feminine generative power, (the yoni or maternal creativity,) the strongest theme in the three self-portraits on display here.


Sub rosa is a Latin phrase that alchemists use to identify the place where the process of psychic transformation takes place. Literally sub rosa means “under the rose.” The origin of this phrase follows a Greek myth in which Eros, the god of love and sex, gives a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, in gratitude for his discretion.

For this reason, sub rosa implies the silence and secrecy necessary for the interior work of transformation—work which takes place beneath the many petalled folds of the rose of the Self. 

Set against the black-and-white contrast of this gallery are also images of fire and water, supplemental symbols of transformation, that continuous process which requires equal parts destruction and creation, loss and finding. Just as water can extinguish a flame, fire can boil water away to nothing. 

Playing with identity and self-representation,
Sub Rosa explores art and the artist as agents of transformation.

The Piano Room at Museum of Me by Cassandra Pereira

The Piano Room

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