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Never Met You

Cherokee Moon Never Met You Cover

St. Louis, MO --> NJ, USA

September 2019 

"Never Met You" is the album art for the album of the same title by the St. Louis-based musical group Cherokee Moon. 

Led by Nashville native Hal Pascale--a woman whose voice is... by some divine miracle... as beautiful as her incredible face!--Cherokee Moon is based in one of my favorite cities of all time: St. Louis, MO, USA! Their music blends swing, jazz, folk and pop with a progressive edge.

If you have a musical project, or know someone that does, I can help you bring your album art vision to life, too! 

Whether with hand-cut collage art like this work, or with any combination of analog and digital design. As a professional artist working in marketing and adertising, there's a lot I can do to help you. E-mail me to discuss your current or upcoming projects! 

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