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 Part of the Deal 

Part of the Deal - 1
Part of the Deal - 3

(June 2017) St. Louis, USA

Sold to S. Cossey

"Make peace with living.

It's part of the deal we made."

These lines found (separately) in the American classic Tuesdays with Morrie, a book about a wise and wonderful old professor who makes peace with his ALS-hastened death. 

To accompany this piece, an excerpt from a book I hold dear like a bible, Taschen's Book of Symbols:

[Bone] suggests that something 'hard' within psychic life happily endures even when the body dies. Since human and animal flesh decays rather quickly after death, leaving the bones behind, bone is a tangible reminder of the loss of life and at the same time alludes to something substantive that transcends the death of the daily flesh. 

part of the deal 2017.jpg
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