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Lesson 2: Quantic

January 10, 2018

Cool! Let's start with this one: 

Quantic - Time is the Enemy 


Reminders to listen for the story, look for the imagery, feel different "places" you go as you follow the sounds. 


This is a modern work. We can hear the sounds of the piano and some simple high hat drum open up the song - think of the opening to a room or a building, what does it look like? Consider entryway of your house and compare this "opening" to the doors to your school. Compare these to the doors of a church. What other places can you think of that have openings and entryways? Have you ever thought about a song as a place before? 


Once you're inside the song, what does it look like? What does it feel like? Is it very different from what you would have expected from the beginning? Is it scary? Is it boring? Is it --? What is it like in there? While you're listening, can you leave this place and go somewhere else, or does it trap you somehow? With these questions you should start realizing that when you create music you also create a type of place that you go and the people listening go. What kind of places do you want to create? 


Listen for the digital sounds made with the keyboards -- can you imagine how your own hands would move on a keyboard to make similar sounds? The other sounds of this song are drums and electronic drum-beats. 


Consider this: No one part of this song is particularly difficult or complex, but many simple *ideas* are layered and combined to produce a very interesting piece of artwork. If I tell you this song is a piece of artwork made with sound, (instead of a piece of artwork made with paint or clay, etc.), does that make sense? Think about it. 


Bonus: Figure out the piano part at home. It's easy you can definitely do it. 


Love from BsAs

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