Free Fall

Free Fall


He looked up.

"Oh, snap."

From flight

to grind

High joy

to base fear

So fast

So strange

the way

the best and worst of

things can be

so close

like that.

Just one snap

or step

or sneeze

or breeze

is all it takes

to take you

from the midst

of one,


to the next--

Or did you do that?

Now the Earth, She knows

the highs and lows;

they’re meant to be linked by much.

The mountain peak

knows lots of weeds

and rocks

and sand

and such

The mount

she has no sense of sea--

Not the one

she came from

nor the one

she’ll be-come

Bit by

bit by




who so fight

to be free

Snub their place

as one

of this

space and time;

Of its pace

men whine

“It binds!”

and so

Men fight

the slow.

Men like

to know

that they can make.

Men take

to tools

twist up loop holes

and jump on through.


Men need

to leap

to feel

what they call


And that is why he jumped

this man

To leave his ground bound form

with it

To feel the sky--

not just the air and wind of it--

He jumped to feel



God’s place;

To leave the Earth,

on Earth,

The one Earth to which

he now fell


The clouds grew more

and more


Up there

the plane could not be seen

(Was that up?)

nor one thing ‘round

(What's down?)

No more sense now

of self, or...


He screamed.

And the sky screamed too.

Not just the air and wind of it--

It was the sound of Space

on Earth.

A scream that laughs at men

and asks

Was this not your wish?

This fright of sound is heard

in just one place