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Cinco Poemas de Amor

Between January 1st and March 28th of 2018 I lived in Buenos Aires, danced the tango daily and nightly, and nurtured a divine love affair with a professional tanguero.

Many times in those months I teased about the poetry he inspired in me. In the intro to this collection I reference these "debts" I promised to write. While those specific poems still remain unwritten, in my final days before leaving the city, my love-soaked hands wrung out these five into a little notebook.

Esto es esa libretita:

(This is that little notebook)

For the English translations, click here.


I owe you 5 poems:

1. "La Plenitud de Los Tiempos"

2. "Antonio y Margarita" (una historia)

3. "Tu Interior (Un Espacio)"

4. [Algo sobre sonrisas]

5. "Pretty the sun in your face"

I want to write them all.

This is just a start.


Quiero escribirlos todos

y llenar libros numerosos;

Quiero crear una obra

maestra de amor




Y quizás

lo haré.


lo haremos



hay un futuro

donde escribimos

esas páginas,

esa poesía


que requieren

cuatro manos

para ser.