Spoon Love

"Spoon Love" Collage by Cassandra Pereira

Spoon Love

'I want to give you spoon love...'

I whisper this to you, half-asleep,

and you roll to one side. You know

what I mean. You embrace me

as your envelope.

It's more than an arm around you:

It's the transformation of a body

into a hand to hold you, tender

as the heart that holds you,

tender as one

hand holding another

snug in a pocket of blankets.

To do it, I turn my legs

into an armchair

and you melt, warm,

asleep, you breathe

naturally, your heart

beats its resting rate and then,

on my thigh, I feel a movement of air.

And I don't care.

'God I love him,' I think.

It's more than the form of the

spoon, spoon love.

It's the how--beyond

the what--of holding.

In a spoon you can be as you are.

You can be messy, imperfect;

you can even be undefined.

You can rest in me.

I want to give you

spoon love,

ladle love,

whole pot love.

Written for my husband, Rainier Andrés Pereira.

Late May, 2019, Buenos Aires.

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