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Spoon Love

spoon love handcut cut and paste collage lovers spooning collage art by Cassandra Pereira Cassandra McLean Cassandra Darling
"Spoon Love" Collage by Cassandra Pereira

Spoon Love

'I want to give you spoon love...'

I whisper this to you, half-asleep,

and you roll to one side. You know

what I mean. You embrace me

as your envelope.

It's more than an arm around you:

It's the transformation of a body

into a hand to hold you, tender

as the heart that holds you,

tender as one

hand holding another

snug in a pocket of blankets.

To do it, I turn my legs

into an armchair

and you melt, warm,

asleep, you breathe

naturally, your heart

beats its resting rate and then,

on my thigh, I feel a movement of air.

And I don't care.

'God I love him,' I think.

It's more than the form of the

spoon, spoon love.

It's the how--beyond

the what--of holding.

In a spoon you can be as you are.

You can be messy, imperfect;

you can even be undefined.

You can rest in me.

I want to give you

spoon love,

ladle love,

whole pot love.


Written for my husband, Rainier Andrés Pereira.

Late May, 2019, Buenos Aires.

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