Om Mantra (Video)

In addition to the plain text of this poem,

you can also read the ILLUSTRATED, ANNOTATED EDITION below

Om Mantra

Kirtans and satsangs

in yoga studios

Yinqiao Jiedu Wan

for the common cold

The ace of swords

in the House of Passion

Willpower embodied

in the House of Action

Dissolving fear

with the Law of Attraction

with 10 days of noble silence

with Self-Reliance with

Black obsidian


Intuitive heal

me with my

White feathered


Reciting Clair de Lune

and the Arabesques

Leaves of Grass

Basic kindness


Hang a mirror in the east

to keep your Chi glitch-free

Go gluten-free


Tree-nut free

Don’t fuck with me

I’ve learned to let go

At my DIY shrine

A maneki-neko

Buddha and a few pretty shells

from that nice day at the beach

A silver ankh

or eye of Horus

adorns one of me

I’m polymorphous

I've studied the torus

the ouroborus

strips of Möbius and