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BLOG: Add Your Voice to The #MakeItYourBusiness Collaborator's Collection

Business cards don't just tell us who you are and what you do, they tell us what you stand for.

With #MakeItYourBusiness, you're invited to use this familiar format to show the world what really matters to you.

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A Project We Need, For Ourselves and For Each Other

In the words of psychology professor Tim Kasser:

We live in a machine that is designed to get us to neglect what is most important about life.

He is talking, of course, about our culture.

Materialistic values reduce our purpose in life to making money, at the expense of our mental health and sense of self-worth.

As artists, it is our job to expose that machine, at least.

Better: Disrupt that machine.

At best, we try to fix that machine.

The Perfect Moment to Disrupt the Status Quo

Another night out.

You've just met someone new.

Will you be the first to say it, or them?

"...So, what do you do?"

We all know what we're really saying here:

"Tell me what your job is so that I can evaluate your socioeconomic position and determine what use you might be to me one day, as well as estimate my own value in relation to you."

No matter how friendly we try to go about it, we spin in this moment as little cogs in that "machine designed to get us to neglect" what's really important--about ourselves, about each other.

It's mentally unhealthy, and we all do it, all the time.

It's also the perfect moment to hand someone your business card.

...Enter #MakeItYourBusiness cards.

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Advance the Business of Living Your Fullest Humanity

#MakeItYourBusiness cards come in the standard size and weight of regular business cards, but they take back the power of self-representation.

These little handmade works-of-art are designed to inspire.

They pair a found-image with a simple phrase connected to the pursuit of living a meaningful life.

Since July of 2017 I have created and given away hundreds of these business cards. (Each one is unique.)

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Months and years pass, and people keep them. Tucked in their wallets or the seams of the cupboards, pinned on their cork-boards; they keep them.


Because we all want reminders about what business we should really be concerning ourselves with.

Especially in this machine-world battered with symbols of broken and unhealthy values!

Creating these reminders has become my business.

And now I invite you to join me.

Growing the #MakeItYourBusiness Movement

Business cards don't just tell us who you are and what you do, they tell us what you stand for.

With #MakeItYourBusiness, you're invited to use this familiar format to show the world what really matters to you.

What's one message you want to give the world?

Tell us.

Show us.

Join us in disrupting and fixing the machine.

Make it your business.

How to Participate

There are 3 simple elements to a #MakeItYourBusiness card:


1.) The Words.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing the words is: Does it make sense to say the phrase "Make it your business" after this phrase?

What do you urge yourself and others to shift your focus towards?

Let your soul answer.

Then, put these words on a business card.

Find the words in books, or make them up yourself!

2.) The Image.

If you're an artist, why not create or crop your own work to fit the standard business card dimensions: 2" x 3.5"?

Or, just use any image you want!

3.) Digital or Analog?

Cut-and-Paste and Digital Submissions are welcome!

Share Your Work!

To actually participate:

  1. Upload a photo of your card to Instagram.

  2. Follow & tag me @artingdarling, and the hashtag #MakeItYourBusiness.

Until January 14, 2020, your submission could win you a copy of my book "Cut&Paste: Suzuki's Zen" ! Plus, I will re-post to my Instagram all the entries that truly fit these simple guidelines.


For additional questions, assistance or inspiration, please contact me directly at

Follow @artingdarling on Instagram.


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