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elisa insua, instagram art collage, art in the age of instagram, mixed media garbage, marketing poetry, love poetry collage

Artwork by Elisa Insua


There’s a poet

from my country

Do you know him?

Of course you do.

Everyone knows him

And for good reason.

He gave us the line

“All I want is boundless love.”

There’s another poet,

Me, who

No one knows

And for no reason.

Or maybe the reason is


You’ve gotta put yourself

out there, they say.

Get in front of where

eyeballs search.

Do they have awareness

Of you?

Of this poetry

What’s your Call-to-Action?

What metric could measure

this campaign? What strategy?

If I hashtag Frank O’Hara

Is that a celebrity endorsement?

If you, too, want boundless

love maybe you’ll give me

the million and first heart

his immortal life earned us all.

But I don’t do it

Because I don’t want it.