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On Simplicity

Simplicity. Is it a myth? I’ve always been fond of the acronym “KISS.” Keep it Simple, Stupid. But how do we do it? Simplify? For answers I seek out the wise: those whose inner peace shines through their eyes. Those whose faces show signs that from life’s crazy troubles they enjoy calm respite where they’re safely enbubbled. “Tell me, great sages, how to avoid, how to eliminate, how to destroy all flaws and all foibles that complicate and annoy! How might my mind learn to be always calm, to the pains of injustice become my own balm? To enliven myself when my hope is decaying, and train my mouth to speak only things worthy of saying?” To all of these pleas and to all of this praying, the wise-eyed reply only one little saying: “Simplify.” My trouble with the instruction is that it is too concise! “Revise!” I pry, “Elucidate! Tell me more!” I press, (I who claim to want less.) But they present only smiles, they do not satiate. To ignite this desire is precisely their game! Despite my frustration I have no grounds to place blame. Their one-word dictation indicates dedication. It is not to be cruel but to prove resolute that these gurus say, “Patience; supplication’s for fools, and elaboration simply won’t do.”

After years of my chasing, steadfast and tenacious, I have learned at long last all I must be is gracious. And so to their tiny though trusty donation to your dear author’s goals of this long rumination; my final response? Plain appreciation. Yes, I too smile sweet, to my own amazement, and humbly I peep, “Thanks,” and bow deep. Indeed! They were right all along, one word’s all you need. This single note song is the ticket and token that within me’s awoken the meaning unspoken. Having broken the spell of closed-lips, I am beaming, with Simplicity’s kiss now upon me, glist’ning and gleaming. I should’ve believed them, it’s not so confusing. What a waste of my time, all that worry and brooding!

Simple life doesn’t require treasures furnished to fire, nor need one retire their classy attire. Nor of the fantastic does it ask the monastic, nor does it entreat for you or for me to remove from our keeps the multitudes of our glee. Only one sacrifice must be made, before success at living simply may be rightfully claimed. From all of my bounty of stuff, you say, only one ought be rebuffed? This must be a bluff! Tell me: What is it? What? What is it that I must never do? Must I never again taste so-called junk food? Or ever be lewd? Must I keep always in a wonderful mood? Or perhaps just seclude to recluse solitude? Should I give to the poor my riches accrued? Or from this point forward leave all hops unbrewed? And of this elusive yet forthcoming rule, what has it to do with gratitude? Spare me the platitudes and free me already from this cognitive quagmire! What is this one habit I must wholly retire? Though it’s taken a while, I will reward your wait! Of these one-worded guiles I’ll now explicate! For although I’m beholden to the tight-lipped before me, I find it fallacious that they teased and ignored me. Whoever connived that to be so-called sagacious, one may never extol the simple in a manner loquacious? So enough is enough, I will cease being coy. I promise, dear reader, here comes the main point! To make bliss within thrive is as simple as this: All that must be removed--from every one of your fibers--is none other than, simply, all your desire. Desire for more makes one suffer for sure. Discontinue at once this laborious chore! Wanting nothing’s your cure, as there is nothing more. There is only what is, to be loved and adored. You may keep your possessions, your fancies and flairs, but do love them dearly; without putting on airs! Simply love all that surrounds you, exactly as is, and this practice will free you, it’s not esoteric. All that one needs to achieve simplification is mere faith in the value of appreciation. To access within a life fertile with ease, gratitude is the skeleton key which you'll need. Thanks alone will unlock all the gates that protect the sole place that peace dares to call home and call safe. And the only way through is to praise and to cherish, everything, darling, lest you surely will perish. But rest assured and fear less! Your worries unclasp! For unending happiness is within your grasp. Simply offer your praise and be grateful and pray for all that is here and is real, right away! This is the path the wise ever pursue, it has been avowed now, so go away, shoo! I bid you farewell, without further ado, only one final blessing: Sincerely, thank you.


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