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Swimming Today, Standing Tomorrow

This poem was first published in the poetry anthology the ocean waves edited by Red Penguin Press, July 2021.

Our feet sink heavily into wet sand,

stood at the shore, held still

and beholding the tremendous power

of all the world's water churning

right before our eyes.

This ocean is

the force behind

everything we know.

This ocean is


Beside you, I whisper

Where is it going?

and you swear

No where.

But slowly the secret life

of the ocean floor

reveals itself to us

as strong tides pull back its veil

and expose a treasure trove—

(A spray of shells and sea glass,

sea plants and little crabs…)

Stuck there in gold I remember

Marriage means falling in love many times,

always with the same person.

That’s the part we were told.

Never that we might sometimes

get washed out of love

before we can

get back in.

That we had to learn.

Better to stand and sink in-

to the strand when the ebb pulls back,

behold what’s there divulged,

collect driftwood to build our boat,

and pocket the pearls at our feet:

Loyalty, Trust, The Truth of Us:

a basin strong enough to hold

an ocean of love.


never far away,

always gets recalled.

Just like the tide now rolling in,

we’re swimming in it once again.

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