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BLOG: Using Frames: In Art, In Marketing, In Life

collage by ivy.archer
Untitled collage by @ivy.archer

Frames Are Everywhere

I am an artist. My work requires that I literally, physically put things in frames.

I’m also a psychology enthusiastic. (For a while I even pursued a Ph.D. in the subject!) In psychology, we understand that our minds create mental frames that contain the contents of our reality. Marketers apply this understanding to shift your reality in favor of buying what they're selling.

How can you apply frame manipulation to your own benefit?

What’s Your Business Here?

My business is art. I create and post a unique work every day, as part of my #MakeItYourBusiness project.

The idea is simple: Art cards in standard business-card format created to challenge the standard definition of “business.”

Make It Your Business cards #MakeItYourBusiness Cassandra Darling what matters in life?

Frames Create Limits. Limits Organize Ideas.

To create a #MakeItYourBusiness card, I first search for images that inspire me in print media.

Often, the images I find are much larger than the 2" x 3.5" format.

So I must choose where to put the focus.

Let’s take this example of a child and mother:

Though the original image is exactly the same, framing it differently creates different stories.

Marketing Frames

Marketers and advertisers know that when the same information is framed in different ways, people's perception changes...and changes in behavior follow.

In fact, marketing success depends on the ability to frame information in the most effective (affecting) way.

For example, a single word can change a buyer’s frame