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Build Your Team

Writing & Editing 

Cassandra has supported her art and passion projects for more than 10 years working as a freelance writer, editor and content creator.


She is available for hire on a per project basis.

Free consultations available.

Creativity Coach

A creativity coach serves you like an editor or an art director, with the added benefit of assisting with the inner work you need to do to unleash the full power of your creative spirit.


One month of coaching with Cassandra will get your creative juices overflowing out of your heart and into your projects. 

Free consultations available.

Support the Arts

Buy a Piece or Order a Personalized Commission

See a work of art you like on my gallery page? Unless marked SOLD, it is for sale.

Please email your price request via my contact form. 


Click "Buy Now" to the right, and enter any amount of money over $5.00. I will create a work of digital art just for you and deliver it within 2 weeks. 

Make a Donation

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The artist lives a humble life, giving her heart, soul and bank account to the art, music, poetry and other creative works you've seen here. 

If you find value in these works, you may wish to show it with a donation. These donations are highly appreciated.

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