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The Thirst

This 3D collage is inspired by the included lines from the book Unconditional Love (1978) by John Powell. The total text from which they come is as follows:

"The ultimate delusion and cruelty of the cult of experience lie in this, that in the end we are always left with the same painful emptiness which we were led to believe we could fill... When empty people reach out to eat, drink and be merry as a program of fulfillment, the hangover is worse than the hunger... The original emptiness becomes a deeply painful bankruptcy. 

"Like a gull that circles over shining waters, we swoop down to be filled with the cool, refreshing waters of pleasure. But the waters of pleasure, sought for all they can give, are always bright on the surface but, sadly, only one inch deep. We always come up with sand in our mouths."


The thesis of the book is that "A meaningful life can result only from the experience of love."

Made with paper, hot glue and sand.

St. Louis

October 2017

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