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Flex your cortex: 7 secrets to turbocharge your brain | Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D. 

  1. Single Task 

    • Brain designed to do one thing at a time

      • Increases mental productivity  

    • Multitasking hijacks the “smartest engine” the frontal lobes : degrades your brain systems, lowers your mental function and increases stress hormones 

  2. Inhibit information 

    • We are exposed to 200x more information than we were 20 years ago 

    • Highest performing individuals know what to block out and what to focus on...

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Free your mind to evolve faster: reboot, rewire & rethink | Scott Ely author of 'Evolve Faster'

  • Are you chained by chaos? 

    • All the things in life that are derailing, hold us back, take our time

    • What if your mind was not held back by these chains? 

  • Neuroplasticity = the ability to adapt and restructure our brain as needed

    • Gets manipulated all the time 

      • Often by you yourself...

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