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 Book Series 
 Cut & Paste: 
Suzuki's Zen 

The Cut & Paste book series uses collage to abridge and illustrate important works of philosophy. 

The first of this series uses the transcribed lectures of D.T. Suzuki, a Japanese Buddhist and author who was instrumental in spreading Far Eastern philosophy to the West.

Snips of his words combine with visual collage to bring illuminate Zen's concept of the self for a new audience.

Read all 20 pages here for FREE.

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Click here to see the gallery of Cassandra's paper-based collage and other visual art.


Note: This gallery contains different works from those featured in "Museum of Me." 

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 #MakeItYourBusiness Cards 

An endlessly growing collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade mini-collages in business card format. 

Each unique card juxtaposes an image and a positive message. Whatever message you choose: Make it your business. 

Recipients are photographed with their selection. Some of those photos, here. 

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