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   Cassandra Darling: Jazz Vocalist   

I grew up with a beloved grandfather I can still picture, head back in his cupped hands, eyes closed, listening to Bobby Darin and Tommy Dorsey records. I wish he were still here to see how his musical influence eventually blossomed through me. 


Vocally, I'm most inspired by such great names as Ella Fitzgerland, Etta James, Annette Hanshaw, Peggy Lee, Sade, Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, Nina Simone; Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra of course, Nat King Cole...

The Matchbooks

I frequently perform as a singer in and around New Jersey as one half of the duo group The Matchbooks.

In addition to our original tunes, which you can listen to on Spotify, our robust catalog ranges from jazz standards to unique covers of pop, R&B, soul and classic rock.


A typical set list might flow from Tom Waits to Bill Withers to Van Morrison to Tracy Chapman to Billie Holiday. 

The other half of The Matchbooks duo is the fantastically talented guitarist Chris Grzan. Find his solo work under the name The Whosis Kid

We share our show schedule on Instagram, follow us there


2021: Lyrics and vocals: "Wherever You Want" by Villazón. 

2021: Lyrics and vocals: "Algoritmo" by Villazón. 

2020: Lost song revival: "Languid Eyes" by Giorgio Minoliti (1894). 

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