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Proofreading is for a work of writing that has already gone through the editorial process. Regardless of how meticulous you've been, the fresh eyes of a professional can catch errors easily missed by anyone close to the work.

I duplicate your document in GoogleDrive and mark the copy to correct all errors at the technical level. i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

price per word


Editorial Report 

This option best suits the writer who's ready to overhaul a first draft. 


You get a 20-page (minimum) report focused on developmental editing, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, with clear explanations and suggestions for development.


Abundant, specific examples from your work accompany cogent analysis to make my evaluation crucially clear and actionable. If you follow this report, your writing will be better.



price per word


Total Editorial Package

This option is best for the writer whose work is already in a 2nd+ draft and ready to be finalized.


With the Total Editorial package, you get your entire manuscript edited line by line (line-editing). (I duplicate your document in GoogleDrive and mark the copy.)

In addition to these line and scene specific notes, you also get a 10-page (minimum) summary report that identifies overall patterns in your work and a broad view analysis.

Proofreading included.

price per word


+ 2 coaching calls

Save $35 when you purchase 2 coaching calls at the same time as your editorial.


Our first call occurs after I complete my first reading of your manuscript, but before I write the report. This helps me more deeply understand your vision so that I can best tailor my feedback to help you achieve what you're aiming for.

On our second call, after you receive my report, we deepen your understanding of the feedback and design a plan for you to implement it correctly.

price per word + $145 

1-hr Coaching Call

(via zoom)

One-on-one coaching may be purchased at any time for one or all of the following purposes: 

  • Review an editorial report 

  • Overcome writer's block (I have many tools to help) 

  • Planning & Organization: Break down lofty goals into easy-to-achieve steps 

  • Brainstorm sessions to reinvigorate your work 

What exactly needs to happen for you to reach your full potential as a writer? I'm here to help you figure it out.

$90.00/75 minutes

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