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through Editing

When you hire an editor, you bring expertise into your work. You are not just here to put words onto pages, but to effectively communicate your ideas, passion and imagination. 

As a professional, I help you improve that communication at every level.

My job is not simply to help you make your writing better. My job is to help make you a better writer.

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Evolution through

At the heart of editorial work is our mutual commitment to the realization of your full potential. 

Let's talk about it:


You know that inner space where all your best writing comes from? That is your creative domain. In my role as a writing coach, my job is to get you into that space, guide you through the haze, and make sure you dig up and carry out the gold.


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& Services

Whether you're looking for a brief evaluation of your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, or an exhaustive line-by-line review, my menu of services scales to meet every level of engagement.


Please note prices are fixed and follow the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) standards. 




Cassandra is such a joy to work with! I feel so confident every time I have something to be edited by her because I know she will always help my final work look amazing and professional.


Cassandra has an excellent eye for detail and always sticks to her deadlines. I can't praise her enough! Know that whatever you hire her for, you're in good hands.

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I have worked with Cassandra for the past six months, and during that time, I feel that my work has grown and matured dramatically under her influence and with her expert counsel.  Cassandra gives 150% of her attention and time during our coaching sessions. I have come to depend upon her judgement, taste and discernment. 


By far, she is the most accomplished editor with whom I have worked. She has honed her craft to the point of surgical precision, and I feel incredibly lucky to have secured her services.  If you are looking for an editor who is fully committed to her clients, who will tell you the truth and inspire your best work, look no further. Cassandra is the best of the best.



Since I started to take coaching sessions with Cassandra, my writing and speaking skills improved to unimaginable levels. She also helped me to understand and write much better business documents and articles. Cassandra is not only an excellent professional, but also a very empathic and wise person who can perfectly understand your needs and help you to reach your goals.


The Editing Process: What to Expect?

  • Editing someone's writing is intimate work. Before we officially begin working together, I suggest a brief, complimentary consultation via zoom.

  • If you have particular concerns you’d like me to address, just let me know before I begin working, and I’ll address those issues.

  • I provide an in-depth evaluation of your writing's strengths and the areas that can be improved. Both generally, and specifically: 

    • For poetry, you'll get insights related to your use of poetic techniques, such as imagery, sound, rhythm, form, rhetorical devices, line breaks and word choice.

    • For fiction & memoir, you'll get insights related to your use of literary techniques, such as metaphor, hyperbole, foreshadowing, character development, imagery and irony. 

    • For non-fiction & web content, you'll get insights on the clarity and strength of your thesis, arguments and evidence, as well as the structure and order of the work as a whole. 

  • Once you receive my editorial report, the torch is then passed back to you to make the necessary corrections.

  • With this in mind, I design my reports to provide clear and specific guidance for you to follow on your own. However, if you'd like me to stay engaged with you during your rewriting and revisions, as many clients do, I'm here for you as your writing coach.

  • Finally, I know this can feel scary. I recognize the trust and vulnerability you demonstrate when you hire an editor to critique your work. I am here as your ally, and I will always ensure you feel supported and empowered, with a solid plan to take you onwards and upwards.