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"Dreaming of Someone"
and "The Strong Arms of Love"  

forthcoming in The Alien Buddha Loves You  

April 2023

"Tea Party Forever

published by Stirring Literary Magazine

February 2022

"You Want to Read a Poem

published in The Decadent Review 

July 2021

"Swimming Today, Standing Tomorrow"
anthologized in the ocean waves,

published by Red Penguin Press 

November 2020

"Coming Out of Quarantine"

published by Global Poemic 

Short Stories & Creative NonFiction

January 2024

"J. Pierpont Morgan's Library as An Architectural Archetype: An Aesthetic Encounter"

published with The Morgan Library & Museum

August 2022

"The Diagnosis"

published in 100 Word Project, issue 2 (p. 11)

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