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Egg Toast Poem (Get It Right)

They never get my order right, although it's always the same.

You tell me I'm manifesting

these egg toast errors,

A self-fulfilling prophecy

of breakfast disappointment.

I'm willing to entertain the idea.

"Give less importance to their incompetence,"

you say. But if I'm manifesting it,

isn't it my own incompetence?

Give less importance to that, too.

Accept it all just how it is. Accept

what life gives you. Eat

what you're served and say thanks!

On your lemons and lemonade philosophy

I cast a look of reluctant amusement, then

raise two fingers to my temple and click my thumb.

"I'd rather be dead," is my intended comedy.

But really, I just want to laugh. With you

laughing with me, I'm not thinking

about toast anymore, or whether or not

manifesting is a real law of the universe

or a superstition of the privileged, or

about blowing my lactose-intolerant brains out,

by far! No thinking, no judgements.

To be and laugh with you--that's it.

That's what I wanted.

That's why I came here.



- 3 eggs, scrambled - no milk

- black coffee - no milk

- extra bacon

- extra avocado

- no surprise milk!

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