BLOG: With Massive COVID-Closures, What Will You Make Your Business?

Are you stuck at home during a COVID-19 QUARANTINE?

Seize the opportunity to exercise your creativity in new ways!

MAKE ART to boredom and restlessness!

Specifically, do THIS art project.

This project takes just the right amount of time--as long as you want it to--and your finished work will join a growing collection created by artists from all over the world.

What Is It?

A #MakeItYourBusiness card is a business card that represents the business of living a full and meaningful life.

These business cards have just 3 elements:

1. Any Image

I'm generally drawn towards vintage pictures. There's something tender about them. Old things are naturally endearing. They inspire us by merely surviving.

So, most of the images for my cards come from 1970s National Geographic magazines.

But you can use any image you like, found or created, including photographs you've taken.

Your creation can be handmade (analog) or digital.

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2. Inspirational Words

You want to find (or write) words that have a tone of authority, like a direction. Remember, whatever words you choose, the idea is that you’re saying, “This matters. Make It Your Business to do this.”

Looking through a book or magazine specifically in search of words to cut out of context is also a fun and unique way to engage your brain with written language!

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I like to save the cool & beautiful phrases I discover in this book.