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Venus Del Sol

Gifted to D. Gunther

St. Louis, May 2018 

Titled for the 1st reaction of my then-fiancé: “La chica de fuego que viene del sol!” (The fire girl who comes from the sun!)

Creating this art-piece was a catharsis of shadow work, on the one hand, and on the other an indulgence in narcissism.

As my friend and fellow artist, Rome da Luce once said, all art-making "is simultaneously the most narcissistic and the most altruistic pursuit."


And this collage art piece did indeed begin as an altruistic pursuit. In 2016 a dear friend bought me this magnificent vintage, rhinestone-encrusted, black snake gown. As a thank you I asked photographer David Gueringer for a photoshoot with me wearing it.


Once I printed the photos, I simply couldn't resist the urge to collage them


For me, this piece represents the fierce and ferocious side of the divine feminine, which often inflames in the spirit of a woman protecting someone she loves.  


Featuring images of lily flowers, sun-drenched rock formations and hints of cave imagery below, the sun glows like a crystal ball, the background is made of two tornados (the black cloud on the left, red column on the right). Text, cut from an astronomy book, reads, "An artist's vision of Venus's acrid and poisonous clouds." 

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